Raise money for the Youth Service Fund

What is the Youth Service Fund?

The Youth Service Fund is a unique ministry because it is completely by, with, and for youth. Youth contribute the money, they decide what projects receive the money and the projects supported are youth-designed, youth-led, and benefit youth.

Youth Service Fund truly is youth in ministry.

Currently, only US annual conferences fund the account. Money is raised at local youth events or by church youth groups. 70% of the money raised is kept in the local community while 30% is forwarded to the national portion of the Youth Service Fund. With that 30% Young Peoples Ministries funds youth-designed & youth-led projects around the world. We recently received money for the Youth Service Fund from the Philippines and we encourage contributions from others around the world.
Youth from everywhere may apply for funding. Applications are due in the YPM office each June 1st for funding to begin the following calendar year for the successful projects. Project categories are: Faith Sharing and Outreach,Leadership Development, Scholarship, Ministry with At-Risk Youth, and Agricultural/Vocational.
For more information about YSF and fundraising ideas and grant applications for the following year check out: http://globalyoungpeople.org/grants-scholarship/youth-service-fund/