Youth Ministry Team

Youth Leadership Team 

This year we're developing a new form of the youth ministry teams, now called the Youth Leadership Team.

The Youth Leadership Team meets 3-4 times a year, in various places around the state. Our focus is leadership development in youth. We come together, build relationships, participate in leadership training, do service projects and plan our Convo and Jr. High retreats for the coming year. We hope to give kids the tools they need to not only grow and develop their own faith and convictions, but encourage them to become leaders at camp, school, and within their friend groups at home. We hope to inspire them to believe in themselves and live into the gifts they are given to inspire others.

Adult Members:

Youth Members:


         Elle Thompson    Trey Hanson       Will Thomas       Faith Scow      Max Rubino      Jordan Straub


        Camille Castles             Dani Stout             Kenny Suazo   Emily Dummer   Addie Wartnow     Kaitlyn White


        Shayna Armer        Cara O'Donnell



Contact: Abbie Thompson or call 406-465-5640 for more information if you're interested in being involved!