Youth and Young Adult Volunteers

Want to change a young person's perspective on life and deepen their faith?  Lead them on a mission work team!  Most of the information needed to lead an adult team applies to leading a youth team, but there are some unique things that must be considered as well.  Below is a list of best practices and suggestions for leading a youth/young adult team. 

Also, check out the FAQs page.  These have been answered by Ann Dickensheets and Meg White, two Yellowstone youth leaders that have led many teams, both in the U.S and internationally.  They include suggested work sites. 

  • We encourage all teams to have a trained Team Leader.  Team Leaders must be at least 18 years or older.  To learn how/when you can be trained, contact Debbie Irby at
  • Each team must comply to our conference's Safe Sanctuary Policy.  Team Leaders should check with Debbie Irby for specific policies, requirements or expectations related to Safe Sanctuary/Child Protection Policies, background checks and insurance.
  • Select a project. Besides reading the FAQs page which provides suggestions.  Also, check out the UMVIM youth site.
  • Youth trips should include a fun experience such as a theme park or camping.
  • The Team Leader should check the church's insurance policy for liability coverage (especially on vehicles) and driver-qualification requirements in particular. 
  • A very important part of preparation for youth/young adult experience is the orientation and training of participants.  There should be at least 2 meetings in which youth and their parents review expectations, commitment, and preparation for the project.

There are also opportunities for individual young adults to volunteer or work with the United Methodist Church.  Click here for more information.