What Participants Are Saying...

We are “creating an intentional community, serious about starting new things and reaching people beyond the ‘box’ of the traditional church witnessing mutual support and encouragement as we venture into uncharted territory.”
The Nu Places program “cannot help but transform our Conference; we are only through Session 7 and we are no longer individuals taking a course together; we are a team working together for each other’s benefit and transformation, as well as the Conference’s.” 
“The information I have gained about the Methodist vision has given me new excitement for the future and the experience of sharing our successes and our ‘Nu’ projects has been inspiring.”
Nu Places has opened my eyes to what might be.  It has helped me to begin exploring how God is seeking to have a relationship with me and with others.”
“We are growing, changing, learning, and evolving into something new, filled with life, mystery, and awe! And hopefully, with God's help, we can replicate, making disciples, and fulfilling the Great Commission.”