Warren Smith Obituary

Warren Smith was a rural pastor at heart, and every appointment he served seemed to consist of at least two churches. Warren appreciated and respected the differences even a few miles could create between groups of people, but he could also find the themes and values that tied them together.

 While in college he met his first wife Jean. Jean died due to complications during the birth of their son, Barry(D). With the help of family and friends Warren raised Barry for about a year while continuing school. He then met and married (Ruth) Marjory, his wife of 60 years. 

He began his career in Kansas serving a three-church rural circuit and In June of 1959, Warren and Marjory, moved to Montana - a state they knew nothing about - their three-church circuit included the Hi-Line parish west of Havre, with churches in Hingham, Kremlin, and Inverness. Shortly after the move, Marjory gave birth to their son Geoffrey. Warren went on to serve churches throughout Montana, including Fort Benton-Carter, Glendive-Lindsey, Ronan-Charlo, and Dillon-Bannack. Butte, Whitehall, Melrose Wisdom, Grass Range, and Winnett. Warren and Marjorie also helped staff many summer youth camps in United Methodist campgrounds at King’s Hill, Luccock Park, Flathead Lake and Camp on the Boulder.

Warren was a great storyteller, and he was able to find a lesson or a sermon in almost everything he came across. One of Warren’s favorite connections and proudest achievements was that he was able to follow in Brother Van’s footsteps through Montana from Fort Benton to Bannack. Warren loved preaching and leading services in the Bannack Church. He would wear the black coat his own father wore as a “circuit rider” throughout Kansas, and one year Warren and Marjorie won first prize in a costume contest they didn’t even know was taking place.