Tug-o-Love . . .  Round Three

Once again this year the mission picnic** at annual conference will include the fund raiser, Tug-O-Love.  Last year’s tug was a lot of fun and raised money for Angola pastors and the Blackfeet Parish ministry.  This year money raised will go to Angola pastors and the Intermountain Sponsor a Camper program. 

This year there will be four teams, each one representing either University of Montana, Montana State, Rocky Mountain College, or University of Wyoming.  Each team will have ten members, but only 2 are ‘freebies’.  For every $125 raised by the team, another person will be added to the actual ‘pull’.  The goal will be to raise at least $2,000 for each ministry. 

Money can be raised beginning any time.  But all money must be collected and turned in by 6:30 the evening of the picnic.  There will be an online method to donate by May 1.

Each team will be provided with a T-shirt with the colors of the college/university they represent. 

All money raised will be split evenly between the Sponsor a Camper program and Angola pastors. 

Click here to support the team of your choice!


**Mission Picnic: Cost included in your registration for annual conference; June 8 @ Shiloh UMC in Billings 6:00 p.m. If you are not a member of the annual conference, you may purchase a ticket for $15 here.