Sending Forth/Closing Worship

St. Paul's UMC - Helena, Montana

10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 20

Order of Worship:





“O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing”

Music by Mark Miller

W&S #2001



God, whose finger sculpts sun and moon
and curl the baby’s ear;

Spirit, brooding over chaos
before the naming of day;

Savior, sending us to earth’s ends
with water and words:

Startle us with grace, love and communion
of your unity in diversity,

That we may live to the praise of your majestic name. Amen.


Copyright © 2002 Consultation on Common Texts,

Admin. By Augsburg Fortress Publishers

W&S Leader’s Edition, 42


Flash Mob assembles and dances as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is played through sound system


Conference Youth share a message about Growth and Care of creation/each other



A prayer for our youth and creation


O Lord, our God,
creator of our land,
our earth, the trees, the animals and all humanity, all is for your honor.

The drums beat it out, people sing about it,
and as our vibrant youth illustrated, they dance with noisy joy because you are Lord.

You also have pulled other continents out of the sea,

What a wonderful world you have made out of wet mud, and what beautiful men and women of all races and all ages.

We thank you for all the beauty of this earth.

The grace of your creation is like a cool day between rainy seasons.

We drink in your creation with our eyes.

We listen to the bird’s jubilee with our ears.

How good and sure your earth looks and smells,
and everything that grows here.

We drink in your creation and cannot get enough.

Bless our land, bless all peoples and bless our youth – the one’s you call us to nurture and guide – and help us all to be a blessing to others.

Prepare us all for the service we should render. Amen.


Adapt. from Ashanti of Ghana

W&S Leader’s Edition, 48



FWS #2164




Alfiado S. Zunguza
Executive Secretary in Africa for UM Missions

“Kutela” Katembo
Missionary to be Commissioned as Missionary to East Angola Conference to work in agriculture at Quessua



4-5 minutes



Bishop Elaine:


As we take part in this celebration of blessing and commissioning a missionary, we are reliving a practice of the early church.

The church, in its formation, eagerly sent its members to other peoples,
to assist those who were already of the household of faith
and those who did not yet believe in Christ.


Today we send our brother, Kutela Katembo, to serve the needs of the Church throughout the world; specifically in East Angola.

This commissioning will strengthen the bonds and covenant we maintain between Yellowstone Conference and East Angola.

The prayers we offer are an expression of the ties that bind us together in the larger body of Christ.


Would you all pray with me:

Lord Jesus Christ,

 Clothe us in your Spirit that we, reaching forth our lands in love, may bring those who do not know you to the knowledge and love of you;

For the honor of your name. Amen.



I present to Yellowstone Annual Conference, for commissioning as a missionary to East Angola, and as a partner with Christ in mission:
Kutela Katembo.


Kutela, kneel in front of bishop


Bishop Elaine, with hands stretched out over Kutela:

Participating in laying on of hands:

Sally McConnell, Peg Plimpton, David Burt


We bless you, O God, and we give you all the praise and glory.

We ask you to bless your servant, Kutela Katembo.

Fill his heat with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We send him forth as a messenger of salvation and peace in your name, marked with the sign of the cross and anchored in your grace.

Less the cross we not give as a sign of Christ’s love and a token of our faith.


Sally: place the anchor cross upon Kutela as
Bishop Elaine continues:


Kutela Katembo, I commission you to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ into all the world, in the name of our Creator, of God’s Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Adapt.  Order for Commissioning Missionaries I

UMC BOW, 740

Presentation of gift representing “Harvest Time”


“Harvest Time”

Music available online


Designated for Missionary Support- Agricultural Advance  Sally McConnell will speak to this

Special Music: “(Everything is) Holy Now”-

Receive the offering



Mark: introduce retirees

Each retiree is given 2 minutes to speak

Anita & Pam, pin each retiree

Retirees include:

  • Deborah Schmidt (elder)
  • Michael Punke (elder)
  • Ben Nardi (assoc. member)
  • Ross Retig (local pastor)


Retirees stand with Bishop Elaine, the bishop says:

Brothers and sisters in Christ, you came to us from congregations where the Spirit of the Lord was upon you;

And you were charged to preach to the brokenhearted, to visit the captive, to anoint those who were bruised.

These things you have done.


At your ordination or licensing,

You received authority to read the Holy Scriptures in the Church of God, to preach the Word, to celebrate the Sacraments, and to order the life of the Church.

At your consecration,

You received authority to equip the people eof God, and to embody the unity of the congregation’s worship with its life in the world.

By God’s grace you did many things that seemed to be beyond your power.


Never think lightly of the great good that God has done working through you.

Continue to be true to your calling.

May God’s love and power be with you always.


Let us prayer together:

God of grace, you fill your servants with the vision.

You empower your servants with your Spirit.

We give thanks for the ministry of these, our colleagues, and for the ways in which you have ministers to us through them.

Give them a sense of your abiding presence,
that they may continue to love and serve you,
and ever grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.


Adapt. Retirement Recognition

UMC BOW, 734



Song: the tune of “We Are Marching in the Light of God” FWS #2235

To be read in groups based on  circuit structure

Clergy and Lay Members, please stand as your appointment is read. Youth will be asked to hold the containers of soil and water at three or four points at the front of the sanctuary. 

The appointments will be read in groups of the new circuit structure, as “We are Marching” is played quietly in the background.  As appointments are read, the respective clergy and laity move to place their hand in the soil and the water.  After each section of appointments, the words to the song will be displayed on the screen and one verse will be sung:


“We are singing in the light of God …”

“We are healing in the light of God …”

“We are planting in the light of God …”

“We are sowing in the light of God …”

“We are forgiving in the lighting of God …”

“We are reaping in the light of God …”

“We are abundant in the light of God …”

“We are loving in the light of God …”

FWS #2235


“A Better Place”

Music available online

Copyright © Playing for Change,
a multimedia movement created to inspire and bring peace to the world through music, and let them know they can learn more at


Bishop Elaine, announce the adjournment of Yellowstone Annual Conference 2015 …

Announce next year’s dates and location.

Offer a blessing


“May the Peace of the Lord Christ Go With You”

Music available online

“The Blessing in Morning Prayer from the Northumbrian Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer”

Copyright © Northumbria Community.