Saturday Morning Opening Worship

St. Paul's UMC - Helena, Montana

8:00 a.m. Saturday, June 20

This entire worship is built on free elements available online.

Music accompaniments available for free download as mp3 files:

Opening Songs:

UMH #400  “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

FWS #2128 “Come and Find the Quiet Center”

I invite us to pause for a moment in silent meditation to center our hearts and minds on our worship of God, the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and the often unexpected movements of the Holy Spirit in and among us. (after a brief moment of silence, continue with the prayer below)



Most Holy God,

We are a people who need you in your fullness
— as Creative Father, Redeeming Son, and Sustaining Spirit.

Our lives have complications and pain,
our world has war and despair.

But we were made in your image, and
your Spirit was breathed into us
that we might experience hope in your goodness.

There are situations that make it hard to be aware of that goodness.
We pray now for those whose lives are affected
by the negativity in these circumstances:

  • When bombs and terrorist and military attacks kill and injure innocent people around the world . . . (brief silence)
  • When storms and hurricanes are so strong they destroy even the homes designed to withstand them . . .(brief silence)
  • When political battles bring out pettiness over issues too important for bickering . . . (brief silence)
  • When our hearts ache, hurt by broken relationships and unmet expectations . . .
    (brief silence)
  • When we are exhausted emotionally from illnesses in ourselves or those we love . . . (brief silence)
  • When we are overwhelmed by loneliness and isolation even though you are always with us . . . (brief silence)

Gracious and Merciful Lord,
our church is working to hear the words of your Spirit.
Our desire is to learn what and who you are calling us to be in your world.
We call out to you
that we might have the courage
to give to you whatever burdens we entered with today
so that our hearts and minds can be open to you,
to your Word,
and to your Spirit — your Ruach
— the same life-giving breath from the first of creation.

Christ challenges us to know you, God,
as one who would search us out if we are lost.
But we must also know that when we are not the "one,"
we are members of the 99 waiting together for your guidance.
So it is together that we use our breath to pray the words Christ taught us:

"Our Father . . ."

Closing Song

FWS #2145  “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”


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