Process Committee

As one of the conference's administrative agencies, there shall be a Process Committee consisting of six to nine
members. “Any Parliamentarian(s) appointed by the Bishop shall serve ex-officio without vote. The duties of this
committee shall be to oversee the legislative, business, and election process and working organization of the
Yellowstone Annual Conference.

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Petition 403

Instruct Process Committee to Review Conference Rules

The Process Committee shall review the conference rules and make any resulting recommendations to the 2012 [extended to 2013] Yellowstone Annual Conference. All conference councils, boards, teams, committees, etc. must cooperate with the Process Committee.


The Process Committee asks for your help

          Do you chair an annual conference committee or for any other reason now and then consult the Conference Rules?  We need your suggestions about how to make the Conference Rules more sensible and user-friendly. Will you help us achieve these goals?

          In order to make sure we work at the task this time, the Process Committee on November 2 appointed a subcommittee to oversee the work. Subcommittee members are Mark Cumming of Missoula, Bill Jensen of Great Falls, Steve Hermes of Kalispell, Mary Westwood of Billings, and Bob Phelps of Whitefish, the designated chairperson.

          While eventually we will be running by you a series of revision proposals, right now we simply need your input. What is it about Yellowstone’s Conference Rules that most needs revision and updating?  As you think about this question, we encourage you to feel free to read the minutes of the Conference Rules Committee. It is posted as a link on the web because we want this revision process to be as transparent as possible.  And then, please, please email your specific comments and proposals to Bob Phelps at

          Thanks!  Together we can do this!



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