Three startup teams created to focus on New Faith Communities

Three startup teams created to focus on New Faith Communities

Three startup teams created to focus on New Faith Communities

Submitted by the Rev. Jeremy Scott
Vital Congregations Developer, Mountain Sky Area

Great things are happening in Yellowstone Conference around "New Faith Communities." Currently, the conference has three startup teams that are committed to creating a new faith community under the umbrella of their current congregation. These include: Christ United Methodist Church in Great Falls, Montana, Grace UMC in Billings, and Columbia Falls UMC.

The purpose of the startup team is to explore and envision what the community needs so they can create a new faith community that will meet the needs of a particular location. The startup team is also learning to do one-on one meetings with people they know in the community to learn what the needs are and to see who might be a good fit for a core team. The core team expands the startup team growing it to about 12 people who share the leadership for the new faith Community. This is the team that meets weekly to determine the vision of the new faith community, who they are working to reach and how they will connect them with a path to discipleship.

All three of our new faith communities have been meeting weekly and are working on the following objectives:

  • Determining what values are important to them and what their vision is for a new faith community
  • Listing who they know in the community and who they want to have a one-on-one with
  • Practicing one-on-ones
  • Determining what gifts and talents are needed on the core team and practicing how to ask someone to be a core team member
  • Discussing what discipleship means and how they will be formed as disciples and how that will become a process within their new faith community
  • Some teams are also working on spiritual practices and expanding their ability to engage consistently in spiritual practice
  • Some teams are working on naming where they see God, Jesus, Spirit at work and practicing sharing that with people they know in the community as a way to practice speaking of God and faith 
Our new faith communities will receive a boost when all the teams attend LaunchPad, an event sponsored by PATH 1 and the Western Jurisdiction on Feb. 2 and 3. At this event, each team will work on a nine-month plan for their ministry. We expect this to be a strong way to help these teams see the path they can follow as they create a new faith community.   

Our new faith community work is possible because of your Mission Share giving and a designated fund set up years ago in the annual conference. These funds were originally for a planned Missoula church start and were later expanded for use for new faith communities across the conference. We hope these projects will bring new life to their local churches.

If this work interests you, feel free to contact Susan Otey at or Vital Congregations Developer Jeremy Scott at

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