Grant helps Eagles Hope Transitions ministry buy new facility

Grant helps Eagles Hope Transitions ministry buy new facility


Eagles Hope Transitions was designated one of the supported missions at the 2016 Yellowstone Annual Conference following a moving presentation by the Rev. Mark Radar, former pastor at Riverton United Methodist Church in Wyoming and Matt White, current pastor in Pavillion, Wyoming.

Riverton UMC matched a local donor’s pledge of $50,000 to help purchase an older motel to provide housing for homeless and those in transition from treatment programs. The total gift of $100,000 allowed Eagles Hope Transitions to purchase the facility on Oct. 14. Since its inception in January 2014, the program has provided services to more than 200 individuals and families. A large percentage of those being served are Native American.

Eagles Hope Transitions is working hard to apply for more grant assistance. During that process, they need to get the facility ready for occupancy before the arrival of winter. The mild autumn weather has given them time to get the utilities turned on. However, five of the units have very old and unusable wall heaters that need to be replaced in order to avoid having high-cost electrical base board heaters turned on. In addition, there are several windows that are broken and need to be replaced; in the meantime, they are patched with plastic and tape. They are also in need of twin beds and mattresses.

Please send donations to Eagles Hope Transitions, P.O. Box 152, Riverton, WY  82501. All donors will receive a letter regarding their tax-exempt gift. If you represent a church that wishes to collect a donation and forward a check to the conference, please write in the notes section of the check: “Eagles Hope Transition -726”. For questions, contact Fred Nicol, board member and treasurer, at 307-851-0506. Also download this brochure for more information.

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