General Conference blog: Coming together to do amazing things

General Conference blog: Coming together to do amazing things

General Conference blog: Coming together to do amazing things

Submitted by Don McCammon
Lay Delegate for Yellowstone Conference

O for a thousand tongues to sing ... and yes, well over a thousand joined together in worship – tongues from all around the globe in Kiswahili, French, Portuguese, Korean, German, Russian, Norwegian, Spanish and English and many more joining together to celebrate God’s grace. We opened with a drum prayer – a welcome and a prayer for God’s presence from the ones who celebrated life’s spirit in this area long before United Methodism reached here. We were reminded that we are here to do the work of the One who has called us to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

I was reminded of our mission while walking to the train to the conference center this morning. A homeless woman, sleeping on a street corner in a shabby, old sleeping bag lying next to the newspaper stands – that is what we are here for: transformation of a world to provide shelter and justice, transformation of a world where economic systems leave some behind, transformation to a world where ALL are part of God’s kingdom. While at times we seem mired in endless internal struggle over a point of order or we get really messy in our family relationships (and these have been valley experiences for me), when we as United Methodists come together we do amazing things.

We are only a few days into our conference. The ability to share one’s experiences in our committees and learn how others around the world reach out into their communities is a joy. We have a lot in common, especially in sharing God’s gifts and love – no matter the language and culture. The focus of our ministry is on the Local Church, especially we laity and our impact on our communities – the Local Church Committee that I am on is a focus on how we can supply the support for the mission – how we can be flexible for the variety of ways the parts of the Body of Christ can best reach out, transform our communities or provide shelter in times of distress. It is early, we haven’t discussed some contentious issues, but I feel God’s grace working in our votes and decisions so the Spirit can be freed and the unconditional love shown by Jesus will shine through.

My prayer is that our work in the coming week lets God’s grace, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus’ love shine through us so as United Methodists we continue to do amazing things.

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