Council on Finance & Administration Update April Month-end 2018

Council on Finance & Administration Update April Month-end 2018


Submitted by the Council on Finance & Administration
Yellowstone Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church

In an effort to continuously keep our Yellowstone Annual Conference (YAC) members informed of our financial accomplishments and opportunities, we offer the following observations. Feedback is welcome.

Our 2018 annual budget (Jan-Dec) is $1,293K, compared to $1,367K last year, and is supported by 119 churches' Mission Share Giving. The 2018 Mission Share commitment was approved at last June’s Yellowstone Annual Conference and also approved in the district superintendents' individual church Charge Conferences. All churches will be preparing to meet these 2018 budgeted needs.

Ideally, by the end of April 2018 (YTD), we should have received 33.3% of our annual Mission Share or $431K.

As a conference, through April’s closing, we have only received 23.4% ($303k) thanks to a generous early gifting above 64% (or $14.2K) from 12 of our 119 churches. As a sum, 51 churches, including the 12 above, have met or exceeded 33% (35.2%) of their Mission Share giving YTD. Thank you.

Of the remaining 68 churches, 22 have made nearly three months of payments at 23% vs 33%, 16 churches have made nearly two months, nine churches have contributed almost or at least one month’s commitment and 21 of our churches continuously struggle to make a payment. Blessings and prayers to all for their fruitfulness.

On a bright note: even though we are behind in giving, we are as a whole slightly ahead of last year at this time by a few percent. Note: 12 of our 15 top giving churches are either on track or not more than two months behind. Three of these giving churches regularly give and have yet to send payments for April. We do realize that some of these remaining churches give seasonally and/or have faith in resolving what it takes to ensure their committed goals are achieved by year-end. We are very thankful for these efforts.

As we strive to control our YTD expenses, we note these expenses are slightly below our approved 2018 budget YTD by only 3%. Keep in mind our Mission Shares received YTD being short by 10%. In short, our expenses are exceeding our income. This implies we had to use YTD, $51K of our reserves to cover these expenses.

Most importantly with your support, our Special Days Giving Sundays by the end of April for the General Church and the Yellowstone Conference were $15,108 and $22,609, respectively. We have also contributed $73,849 or 33% of our budgeted allotment to General Church and Jurisdictional Apportionments and we have expensed $18,631 or 9.4% of our budgeted allotment to YAC committees, missional teams, New Faith, youth and campus ministries, training and various other YAC missions.

If you desire further details, please do not hesitate to contact your district superintendent.

This concludes our April 2018 CFA update and in closing we share our gratitude and blessings to all.

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