Council on Finance & Administration 2014 Year-End Update

Council on Finance & Administration 2014 Year-End Update

Council on Finance & Administration 2014 Year-End Update

Council on Finance & Administration 2014 Year-End Update

In an effort to continuously keep our Yellowstone Annual Conference (YAC) members informed of our financial accomplishments and opportunities, we offer the following observations. Feedback is welcome.

Our 2014 annual budget was $1,361,000. That budget is funded through our mission share giving. The sum of Mission Share commitments reported by the DS's Charge Conference reports reflects that 123 churches committed to give 87% or $1,186,000 of the 2014 budget. 

But, we did better than that. Thanks to your faithfulness, we received $1,223,500 or 90% or our budgeted needs. This is a first! We are very thankful for your efforts.

However, this reflects both good news and bad news. Though receiving 90% of our budget is great, we actually received less in actual dollars in 2014 than we received in 2013. Remember, we are now working from an income based budget – and that means we count on every church paying 100% of their mission shares. We are moving away from building a cushion in the budget and trust every dollar budgeted is what is really needed.

More good news . . . only 14 churches in 2014 vs 18 churches in 2013 were below 50% of their requested Missions Shares and 81 churches achieved 100%. We also received $14,838 Second Mile dollars vs $8,082 in 2013 and our General Church Special Days Givings were nearly $10K more than 2013.

More not-so-good news . . . We do need to keep an eye on our Yellowstone Special Askings, which were down this year by about $6,000 as compared to the prior year. 

We have contributed, as budgeted, $278,516 or 90% of our General Church Apportionments and, with $178,020, we have supported the work of YAC committees, Missional Teams, New Faith Development, Youth and Campus Ministries, Training and various other YAC Missions.

This concludes our 2014 CFA year-end update and in closing we share our gratitude to all. Thank you.

Yellowstone Conference, Council on Finance and Administration
Feedback Contact:
Gary Lorenzen or Marianne Niesen

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