Q1, 2014, Council on Finance & Administration Update

Q1, 2014, Council on Finance & Administration Update


 In an effort to keep our Yellowstone Conference (YC) members informed of our financial accomplishments and opportunities, we offer the following observations.  Please share this news with your Church's Administrative and Financial Councils and Congregation.   Feedback is welcome.

 Our 2014 annual budget is $1,361K and is supported by your mission share giving.  Ideally, we should have received 25% by the end of March 2014.  The commitments reported by the DSs reflects that our 123 churches have committed 87% or $1,186K of this approved 2014 budget.  As a conference we are presently at 21.5%, thanks to a generous early gifting above 25% (or $31K) from 7 of our 123 churches.  56 churches have met 25% of their Mission Share giving with 24 exceeding their commitments.  Of the remaining 60 churches, 21 are less than 1 month behind.  We do realize that some of these remaining churches give seasonally, and we are very thankful for these blessings.  

 Do keep in mind with our annual commitments short of our approved budget by 13% and our Q1 blessing received at 21.5%; we have an achievable opportunity in the next 9 months to further brighten the light we shine in cultivating our Tree of Life.  Your continuous support is appreciated.  Those already giving to their Second Mile have begun to boost this cultivation, contributing $2,431.  Thank you.

 Most importantly with your support noted, our Special Days Givings by the end of March for the General Church and the Yellowstone Conference was $9,921 and $5,384 respectively.  We have contributed $59,407 or 21% of our budgeted allotment to General Church Apportionments and we have moved $60,600 to YC committees, Missional Teams, New Faith, Youth and Campus Ministries, Training and various other YC Missions.

 This concludes our 1st Qtr. CFA update and in closing we share our gratitude to all.  Thank you.

Yellowstone Conference, Council on Finance and Administration.
Feedback contact: 
Gary Lorenzen or Marianne Niesen

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