Summer Seminar and Camp - From Membership to Discipleship

Summer Seminar and Camp - From Membership to Discipleship


The mission of the United Methodist Church is to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

This weekend training for clergy and laity will focus on how to help the people in your pews move from attendees to disciples. Friday will focus on: what is discipleship and how do you convey that to your members? Saturday the focus will shift to how to coach people into becoming disciples—a proven strategy for helping people grow in faith. This training is presented by Dr. Phil Maynard and is designed for clergy and laity to attend together. Preference in registration will be given to clergy and laity who attend as a team.

Training begins at 6:00 PM Friday (with dinner) and runs through Saturday at 4 PM.


Camp on the Boulder is offering Kickin’ Back Family Camp (Friday – Sunday) so families can attend with you and have planned activities while you are in training. Cost for Family Camp (for those NOT attending the training) is: $90 per person for all adults and children 11 and older, Children 10 and under are free. If you are attending the training you can stay through Sunday lunch for only $45 more.

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Dr. Phil Maynard currently serves as Director, Path 1 Coaching Network/New Church Strategist (General Board of Discipleship) and Director, Excellence in Ministry Coaching ( Phil also serves as a coach/consultant with Epicenter and partners with other coaches to lead a variety of training and congregational transformation activities.

Looking for registration and information for Circuit Elder Training (CLICK HERE)


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Camp on the Boulder
3916 Boulder Road
Montana  59052

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