This page contains instructions for:



To call into a MAVIS meeting using a standard phone:

  1. Dial 1 (503) 343-9011 or 1 (503) 448-4097
  2. Enter the meeting room number, followed by #
  3. Enter the security PIN, followed by #










To join a meeting from your web browser:

  1. Enter into your browser’s address field
  2. Enter your name, meeting room number and security PIN
  3. Click Join


Audio setting for the Mondopad client:

  1. On the Home screen
  2. Find the Video Meeting icon
  3. It's the fourth icon from the left
  4.  Once opened, you can see the Settings tab, it's third from the left.
  5. It's best left set to the Mondopad Default option unless you have a specific reason to change it.





Audio Settings for the Zoom client:

  • You can find the Zoom settings after logging into the client.
  • Check the upper right corner for a gear icon labelled "Settings"
  • Once Settings are open
  • Audio is the first tab located in the upper left corner
  • From here, you can test both the speakers and mic.





Instructions for logging into Mondopad

  1. Press the Power button on the right hand side of the Mondopad
  2. Login to the Mondopad
    1. Username: conference
    2. Password: conference
  3. From the Home screen, you will select “Extras”
  4. On the Extras screen, you will login to the tab for the Admin login, whose password is 1111.
  5. After that you will see the option “Minimize”. Press it and you will be in a Windows environment. Once there you may interact with the Mondopad like a Windows computer.