Looking for Ideas?

Every person can be involved in mission!

There are a number of ways to be in mission and ministry in your local community.  Take time to learn what your community needs.  Spend time observing your church neighborhood.  Prayerfully watch and listen to the Holy Spirit to discern where you can be at work with God. 

Click here for mission activity ideas for children and tweens.

  • Conduct the 90 minute field trip/prayer walk.  Send your church out into the community to just go to a place and sit for 90 minutes, watch what is going on, and pray.  Send them to a park, Wal-Mart, the mall, grocery store or gas station and observe (this will begin to give people a picture of the needs around them).  Click here to learn about a prayer walk.
  • Prayer Quilt Ministry
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Have a "shower" to provide bedding (or other location-specific needs) for a homeless shelter
  • Winterization crew for the elderly
  • Parish Nurses
  • Start a church “Geek Squad” to go into homes to set up electronics, conduct training and fix computers
  • Prison Ministry (volunteers visit inmates, lead worship)
  • Clothes Closet (but don't stop there, get to know those that come!)
  • Meals (Weekly? Monthly? Don't just serve, sit and talk, be a friend)
  • Host a play-date weekly (monthly) for stay-at-home parents
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army
  • Community Center (open your facility to serve the community)
  • Camps
  • Pre-School
  • Teen Drop In Center
  • Children's Christmas Shop (donate items, kids shop for free)
  • After School Program
  • Partner with other churches in the area to address a local need
  • Thrift Shop
  • Tutoring/Literacy Program at your church or with a local school
  • Community Clean-up, or yard work for older people
  • Be financially generous with tips. Your tip is a reflection of Jesus in you.
  • Prayer Groups
  • Cards to Missionaries
  • Visitation/Companionship
  • Have a game night (yard games outside or board games)