Leaders & Parents

Ways to get Youth involved in ministry

  1. Check out our Youth Ministry Activities Page:   for age appropriate events and opportunities for youth (Click Here)

  2. Check out Summer Camps: Click here to see various youth camps offered at United Methodist Camps in Wyoming and Montana

Safe Sanctuaries Resources

  1. The Yellowstone Conference recommends that all individuals working with children, youth and vulnerable adults be trained in basic Safe Sanctuaries policies and procedures and have a current background check with the church or the conference before working at the district and conference level. Read more about Safe Sanctuaries and purchase curriculum here: http://www.gbod.org/site/c.nhLRJ2PMKsG/b.5598111/k.A248/Safe_Sanctuaries.htm
  2. Also make sure you are cross-checking your volunteers with the National Sex Offender Registry list: http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/registry/registry
  3. For more information on Safe Sanctuary policies around the conference please and how to implement them in your church please (CLICK HERE).

Contact: Janna Lauver or call 406-698-0810 for more information about the Safe Sanctuaries Team & Response Team at the conference level.

Training Events and Resources

We invite you to join several online United Methodist resource & training groups including:

FIELD GUIDE NETWORK http://fieldguideumc.org/

Ministry with young people is a constantly evolving field. Adult leaders currently active in these ministries across the United Methodist Church are creating and employing innovative ways of engaging young people. Watching interactions among youth and young adult ministry leaders at various events has helped Young People’s Ministries recognize the value of peer-to-peer wisdom sharing.

Young People’s Ministries (YPM/GBOD) believes that as Methodists we are called to carry out the spiritual discipline of watching over one another in love, thereby supporting healthy ministry with young people around the world. Because of this, Young People’s Ministries(YPM/GBOD) is initiating the Field Guide Network – an online community that will allow youth and young adult ministers to connect and mentor each other; supporting each other in wisdom and love.

The Field Guide Network exists to facilitate wisdom sharing among United Methodist adults who minister with youth and young adults – the age range of 11-35 years old. This wisdom sharing happens primarily through short-term mentoring relationships between Field Guides and Explorers. These relationships are formed and self-defined using the online tools available in the Field Guide Network.

TheField Guide Network is an online tool that helps create mentoring relationships for adults who lead youth and young adult ministries. Any leader of a youth or young adult ministry is welcome to join the Field Guide Network as a Field Guide or an Explorer.

Field Guides are ministers and leaders for youth and young adults who have:

  • Deep experiential knowledge of particular ministry areas

  • An active ministry setting where that knowledge is being demonstrated

  • A record of quality mentoring/relationship skills with peers and co-workers

Anyone meeting the three above criteria can apply to become a Field Guide HERE.

Ministry leaders who become Field Guides apply and are approved through YPM, and will voluntarily commit to sharing their ministry expertise through the Field Guide Network by participating in Field Guide-Explorer Relationships.

Explorers are ministry leaders who desire to connect with a Field Guide because they have a specific need within their ministry or aspire to professional growth. Explorers can initiate a Field Guide Explorer Relationship by discovering and contacting a Field Guide using theField Guide Network. 

Also Check Out These United Methodist Resources:

Ministry Architects http://ymarchitects.com/category/about-us/

-Have training resources, can partner with a church “traininer” for different ministries interested in becoming sustainable ministries.

-Ask a question, get paired with a trained professional to get your question answered.

Young People’s Ministry General Board on Discipleship UMC: http://globalyoungpeople.org/

-Apply by June 1st 2013 for the 2014 Youth Service Fund grants to start up ministry projects, mission projects, etc.

-Training resources, seminars, webinars, devotionals, etc.

-Post job opportunities

-Sign up for the Youth Ministry Network which sends out weekly reminder emails for upcoming Friday Lunch Webinars, upcoming training dates, weekly blogs.

Put Together a Mission Team (Click here to learn more)

Take your youth to a free(or cheap) Christian Music Festival


  1. Lifelight (Worthing, SD) http://www.lifelight.org/festival/southdakota

  2. Downpour (Great Falls) http://www.downpourfestival.com/

  3. Rock and Worship Road Show (all over) http://therockandworshiproadshow.com/splash/