April 2017 newsletter

Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, We greet you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We also wish you a happy Easter as we commemorate our savior’s death and resurrection, may the blessings of our Lord shine upon you this holy season and always. We are grateful to almighty God for giving us this opportunity to share with you again in this New Year our first   newsletter concerning our agricultural ministry at Quessua Mission.

Our Newsletter has reached you a bit late due to the accident that I had in February with a motorcycle. I fell off a motorcycle and   injured my right ankle. I got hospitalized in South Africa hospital after having a surgery to fix my ankle. Right now I am in the process of healing and I thank God for all the treatments have been going on well so far and right now my ankle is healing.   Thank you for your prayers and supports for a quick recovery.

Before my accident, January and February were very busy.  The Maize field crop that we planted last year in September, harvested in January did quite well and we had a very good harvest. Together with the students we joined our hands to harvest the two and half hectares of maize by hands and all in one week. The land has been very productive to us. We managed to hire equipment such as a planter and a sheller machine to do the planting and shelling work. We are hoping in the future to have our own equipment in order to be independent.

Together with the students and the community of Mufungo Village we engaged ourselves in planting different fruit trees around Quessua mission and some in the village. We have explained the importance of eating fruits in our daily lives to reduce the risks of many diseases  and as good source of vitamins and minerals.  Click here to read the rest of the newsletter and see more photos.