July 2016 Newsletter

Harvest of carrots with volunteersDear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ; please receive Christian greetings from Quessua Mission Agriculture project.  It is always a pleasure to send some news to keep you updated on our mission work here in Angola at Quessua mission.

Step by step with your prayers, encouragement and donations we are moving forward. 

With the support of students and other volunteers, our garden is doing fine and we have been harvesting vegetables.

Students from the school dormitories have been enjoying produce from our garden and are excited to take part in farm activities and learn. While waiting for the rainy season to come so that we can plant field crops, we are concentrating mainly on vegetable growing and other activities as we expand our farm for the benefit of the community.Kutela explaining to farmers how to mix manure and soil for tree planting.

We also assist farmers with vegetable seedlings. Some cannot afford to buy seeds so the hope is to encourage them to garden, sell their produce and then be able to purchase their own seeds. 

We receive visits from area farmers wanting to learn and seeking advice on how to improve their farming of vegetables.


Kutela explaining to a farmer about the long yielding tomato varietyWe planted a trial crop of improved, long harvesting tomatoes this year. Once we perfect gardening methods for this highly productive tomato, we will be able to teach farmers about it.Left to right: Sonia, Graciella, Samantha, Marvin, Kevin


My family and I are doing well and we thank God for his grace and love, and you, for your prayers, encouragement and support to our agriculture ministry. I am enjoying having my family with me at Quessua during the school holidays. The children thrive here and help out in the gardens.


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