Jerre Pugh Obituary

Jerre, wife of Rev. John Pugh, who served as pastor of United Methodist Churches in Havre and Worland, Wyoming. They moved to Billings where they organized Hope United Methodist Church in Billings Heights (which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2016). They also served three years in Laurel. Jerre and John retired in 1990 and moved back to Billings.

Jerre grew up in Noble, Illinois, married James Wright, and had two children (Jim, Cynthia) whom she raised in Havre. She also had three stepchildren children (Mark, Lynda, Beth). She was employed in the county assessor’s office from 1958 to 1968. In 1968, she married Jack Sterrett, a local dairy farmer and lineman for Triangle Telephone and Rural Electric Company, in Havre. Jack died in a job-related accident in Aug. 1972. Jerre married to Rev. John E. Pugh of Havre in 1978. They enjoyed 40 years together. Jerre loved her home and was a talented homemaker. She was loved by her family and the people in the churches where they served.