Guiding Values Team

The Guiding Values Team of the Yellowstone Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church consists of clergy and laity who serve as the "conscience" of our conference by working to identify, express, and clarify the values which guide our decisions and actions, and to ensure that those values are in alignment with sacred scripture, tradition, reason, and experience, and with the United Methodist Book of Discipline. Guiding Values Team shall serve the disciplinary requirements of Church and Society: Disability concerns, Religion and Race, and Status and Role of Women, to coordinate awareness and resources to local churches of justice issues and concerns and to administrate the Peace with Justice offerings (50% of the Peace with Justice Sunday offerings stays in Yellowstone Conference). In 2014, that amount was approximately $5,600. 

Peace with Justice Sunday is June 11, 2017.

For more information on Peace with Justice Grants, please click hereThe grant deadline for 2017 is Jan. 10.


The YAC Guiding Values:

These are brief affirmations by which we (YAC) desire to be guided. They are defined by the gospel, shaped by our Wesleyan Heritage, and given flesh in our daily lives. Contemporary life is the context in which the dialogue of the Gospel and Heritage embodies itself in discipleship.



This year, the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women is hosting four conference calls for the leaders and members of the annual conference commission. Unlike most conference calls, these will be geared towards hearing from participants and sharing best practices.  Each annual conference is asked to find two participants for these calls. The schedule of calls will be sent out by email to the Commission on the Status and Role of Women leaders in early February.  For more information or questions, email Audrey