Grant Recipients

1. Columbia Falls United Methodist Church, Domestic Violence Task Group. CFUMC Domestic Violence Task Group came together     a year ago and established the goals of: 1) Creating safe sanctuary in our church; 2) educating ourselves & church community         about DV; and 3) educating our community (Columbia Falls) about DV. We have made considerable progress toward those             goals including developing a strong alliance with the Flathead County Crisis Line/Abbie Shelter as we support each other’s               endeavors. In 2012 we will work together with Crisis Line staff & volunteers to educate our larger community about domestic             violence, both in terms of prevention and intervention.

2. Sheridan FUMC Native American Ministry: Sheridan NAM is the only NAM in the conference and has been very active since             2006. With the support of the Bishop, this ministry has submitted a petition to the 2012 General Conference. There will be four         people from this area traveling to General Conference to educate and advocate for the passage of this resolution. While many in     our conference and in the church in General do not understand the need for continued efforts of support and healing, this                 resolution will provide information, education and research about the massacre and the extent of the Methodist involvement. This     resolution will also do the right thing, it will “listen” to the descendant's voices and not determine what is or isn't needed without         input form the victims. We are requesting travel funds, or reimbursement of travel funds for travel to Florida for the General             Conference.

3. Evangelical U.M. Billings Yellowstone U.M. Free Store: To purchase racks, shelves, and other organizational tools. The YUM           Free store is a volunteer run store that offers clothing and household items to anyone at no charge. No proof of income or               eligibility is required. Presently 4 UM congregations from the Billings area are actively involved. In just 2 months we outgrew our       original room that was our store and our donation room is overflowing. At the end of 3 months (just 6 store days) we have served     over 165 families. Due to generous donors we need to construct racks and shelving for our store area

4. Reconciling Ministries Task Force, Grace UMC Billings: Our request is to ask for assistance in purchasing the documentary itself,     and the public viewing rights, for “Incompatible With Christian Teaching.” This documentary will be shown to pastors and laity at       a preconference hearing (YAC) session. This session will be led by Anne Brown (RMN) who prepared the document and who will     come to YAC at no expense. *The showing of this documentary and the discussion will help us carry out the intent of petition 101     which was passed at 2011 YAC.

5. Clancy UMC: There is no better investment in P. with J. than through the education of our children. Education in the values and       teachings of J.C. are critical avenues toward peace. Our small Clancy UMC is invested in Christian education of children of the         broader community of Clancy, Jefferson City, and MT. City. Each year our church plans and provides a 3-day community                 Vacation Bible School during the week after the closure of the school. Our target population has been 5-12 year olds. Over the         past 6 years it has continually grown. We planned for 36 children last year and 44 enrolled! This year with a small grant, we             would also set a goal of reaching out to recruit preschool age children of 3-5 years old. The VBS is not supported by our                   miniscule church budget. Curriculum, supplies, and snacks are funded by private donations and small fees for families that can       afford them. This funding will also allow us to follow-up these days of learning by planning and providing at least one or more           family activities during the summer months.

6. Native Awareness Sunday Coordinator: Money for travel expenses, honorariums and possible motel/hotel for Native American         persons or myself to travel to churches to present a Native American Sunday or other Native American program in observance of     Native American Sunday throughout Yellowstone Conference.

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