Food Banks

Many, many churches in our conference support their local food bank.  Here are some different ways this outreach is promoted:

Reverse offering:  Have slips of paper with items needed in the offering plate.  People take one or more and bring the item the next week.

Pluck a feather:  Create a large turkey.  Make the feathers out of construction paper, and write  something needed at the food bank on each feather.  People ‘pluck’ the feather(s) they want to take home as a reminder and bring back the food and feather. 

Peanut Butter Sunday:  Designate a Sunday for one particular need.  Collect for a given period of time.

Canstruction:  Design something to be made out of cans that people donate.  Google 'canstruction' or check out this link canstruction.

Gourmet dinner:  Plan a special dinner (for 10?) with a couple friends.  Sell tickets.  Donate the money to the food bank.

Souper bowl:  Collect cans of soup the weeks before the Super Bowl.

Kiss a pig:  Have two competing groups in the church (youth/adults, men/women, etc) and see which one can bring in the most food for the food bank over a given time.  Designate a key person representing each group.  Losing team's designated person must kiss a pig (or some other random animal) during worship.