Flathead Elementary

God’s Gift: The World

Flathead Elementary: June 28-July 1

For kids entering grades 4-6th in fall 2015

Deans: Cathryn Straub, Alison Massey

Tween camp is a great opportunity for 3rd-6th graders to create and grow their love of God.  Tweens come to camp to create relationships with others,experience the beauty of Flathead and God’s love in one another and themselves, and most importantly, have fun!  The theme this year is God’s Gift: The World.  We will be focusing on all creation in the world and how God created it in his image.  The tweens will have worship with the entire group then break up into smaller groups called family groups for discussion.  They also have much free time where they can make crafts, play kickball, and go swim in the beautiful lake.  We have campfire time at the end of the night then settle into our cabins for story time and good rest!

Check in:  3:00-4:30pm on Sunday June 28th

Pick up:  12:00pm  on Wednesday July 1st



Things to bring:

-Appropriate clothing for a week at camp!



-sleeping bag/pillow


-Musical instruments (optional)

-Talent show stuff (optional)

-Earplugs (optional - sometimes people snore

Please do not bring:

-Bad Attitude

-Weapons of any kind (guns, knives, etc.)

-Drugs or alcohol (obviously)

-Electronic devices   (ipads, laptops, nintendos....) 


-Expensive/Valuable items

     (jewelry, clothing, electronics, watches, etc)



Cell phones and other electronics are strongly discouraged.  

We are not responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen items.



Flathead Lake Camp Address:   21339 Methodist Camp Rd, Rollins, MT 59931

(For directions click here  or  call 406-844-3483)


Questions?  Contact: Abbie Thompson       406-465-5640  or  camping@yacumc.org