February 2016 Newsletter

Dear friends and partners in mission,

It is a pleasure to send you Easter greetings in the name of our God, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. It is with joy and thanksgiving in my heart as I reflect and recap on the year that was 2015. I want to thank you all for your unwavering support to my ministry and in East Angola. 

Good Health. My family and I thank God for good health in 2015.We appreciate you and all other saints who have continued to hold us in prayers as we serve in the Ministry that God called us.

In the photograph is my family joined by Rev.Alfiado Zunguza,GBGM Regional executive.




The Truck. I cannot thank you enough for the truck.  It has made my work easy, enjoyable and of major impact to the communities I serve. Apart from easing my transportation difficulties, I have managed to ferry building materials for various churches doing chapel construction, like Kimbamba and Nova Gallilea; rush sick people within Quessua Mission to the hospital in case of emergencies; help ferry Mission teams from the airport in Luanda to Quessua in Malanje.

In this photo: A group of girls receiving clothing and sanitary kits. Photo courtesy Ken Koome



Quessua Mission. In October 2014, our high school was destroyed by a rainstorm. The entire roof and wall structure was destroyed. With your prayers, the Government of Angola in 2015 gave a grant that has helped repair the damaged structure. We are thankful to God because as the schools re-open on Monday March 7, 2016, our students will have a place to study.

In this photo: A section of Quessua school after re-building.



Quessua Hospital. We are thankful to God because in November 11, 2015 we saw the commissioning of Quessua Hospital. The facility was built by the Government of Angola for the benefit of the Quessua community and the surrounding areas. We thank God for the breakthrough in having this medical facility closer to the community.

In this photo: A section of the hospital.


Thank you and may the good Lord bless you all.     

Ken Koome