February 2015 Quessua Agriculture update


I am fine by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today we had a third rain day since mid December until today.   Guess what next?  I am getting to know much better Angola climate day by day. Quessua is fine and calm since school closed last December but very soon school will start again.

I had to hire a tractor to do some work and so far so good.  I have attached a few pictures for you to see what I am doing right now but I still have more projects to come this year according to my operational plan. I did half a hectare of dry beans but unfortunately with the rain shortage for about two months it got all dry. However, I turned into gardening and we are doing good as you can see on the pictures. Some orphanage boys are helping and wanting to learn, watering vegetables so all is good. Right now I am just behind the old hospital where I found a place to start with vegetables growing so we have some cabbages, different varities and tomatoes to start with and other veg crops in our nursery, but I need to do more once I set up irrigation facilities.  I had to put up a shade structure for vegetables seedlings in case of a heavy rain to avoid splashes, also as you can see those old containers being renovated in order to have an agriculture tools storage place. I would like to start with rabbit project, so one of the old structures will be renovated and use it as rabbitry, a rabbit is a good source of cheap protein. I would like to encourage farmers in rabbit rearing. Rabbit farming is an excellent source of organic fertilizer with many nutrients also rapid reproduction. I believe teaching people this way will help them having cheap meat to eat and manure for their veg gardens.

Well here is a brief explanation of my work in Quessua right now.

I would like to thank you and the Yellowstone Conference for your kindness and support of our Agriculture project . Your gift will allow us to resume agricultural activities and projects for the benefit of the community of Quessua and surrounding communities. We are committed to sharing with you stories and progress updates about our projects. We would like to keep you updated and invite you to build a relationship with us. We pray for you and look forward to the blessed days ahead.

Thank you and may God bless you