Fall 2015 Thank You Letter


December 2015         

“Support of a pastor makes the present tolerable and the future worth waiting for.”

                                                                                                                                          Missionary Ken Koome


             I write to share how we in Yellowstone Conference make a difference in the lives of pastors serving in the East Angola Conference of the United Methodist Church.

             From Rev. Luis Ribeiro Sambongue, pastor of Luavuri UMC: “In the name of Jesus Christ the great Pastor of all of us, we greet you. . .  We are a small church in the rural area with very bad situations.  This friendship with Yellowstone has given us hope that in days to come things will be better.  In spite of being a small church, we have been winning souls through evangelization, praises and songs, preaching, classes and prayer.  We are thankful for the ministry of Tito de Fatima Jorge in Quessua Mission that has been influencing many young people and encouraging them in their faith. . . We only know about America what we read in books and news.  But we are praying day and night so that our prayers touch your hearts and help us endure this time of financial difficulties.  We thank God for you.  We wish God’s blessings in your work and greetings for all the siblings in Jesus Christ.”


           In the past ten years support for this project has grown in amazing ways.  We began by supporting just a few pastors in 2005, eventually supporting 40 pastors at $40 a month.  This year, because of continued support, the Angola Advocacy Team was able to increase the amount paid to pastors to $50 a month, and it now goes to all 66 pastors who are serving a church.  Thank you for your continued support!  It can’t happen without you!

          Communication with pastors is very difficult, and in most cases not possible because they live and serve in small rural villages that do not have electricity, internet, or even post offices in many cases.  Most pastors do have phones, but we do not have phone numbers for them. 

          In April 2016 Rev. Andre Cassule Vieira will be coming to visit us.  Rev. Cassule pastors Mbuco UMC and teaches at the seminary at Quessua Methodist Mission.  He also works a small farm.  Being a United Methodist pastor and a part of the itinerant system, he has pastored three different rural churches over the years.  He is a graduate of Africa University.  Details of his visit will be shared as they develop in 2016. 

          From Ken Koome after an interview with two District Superintendents:  “The majority of the beneficiaries look forward to receiving this grant as it is the only income that they can count on in the ministry, unless for the few who have other skills like dress making, carpentry or masonry, who would use their skills to earn extra income. The Lunda North Superintendent benefited from this grant before he was elevated to the current position. He told me how he and his family looked forward to this support. He would use it to buy school books and uniforms for his kids. This encouraged him to move on despite the economic  challenges that he faced.”  

Your continued support of this partnership is needed.

You are reminding the pastors and the people they serve that we are connected;

connected through the United Methodist Church and through the love and grace of God. 


                                                                                                                                                               Sally McConnell