EZRA Statistics

EZRA Statistics

Give it up for………………Statistics!!! 

...and the crowd goes WILD! 


The Ezra system is ready for your data input for Tables 1, 2 & 3.

The Ezra web address is:  ezra.gcfa.org

All usernames and passwords have been reset:

Username:  Church GCFA number (see attached)
Password:  Please contact the Conference Office.

You will be required to change the password when you login for the first time into Ezra.

Please remember that this data is used to calculate Mission Shares so please input accurate information.


**The deadline for these reports is FEBRUARY 15, 2017**

If you have any questions, please contact the Conference Office at (406) 256-1385.


**Remember, Dashboard and Ezra are two different programs. Dashboard contains forms, such as Clergy Comp and Report of the Trustees, along with billing and statements. Ezra is for year-end statistics and membership information. Dashboard has a different password from Ezra. If you need login help for Dashboard, contact your church treasurer. 

For further assistance, please contact us.