Episcopal Elections

Each current lay* and clergy member of the Annual Conference is invited to list up to three elders for the Annual Conference to nominate for Episcopal Election. All elders who are full members of any Conference are eligible for nomination. Names must be sent to Steve Hermes, the Conference Secretary, at 41hermes@gmail.com no later than April 30.

*Lay members, or delegates, of the annual conference are "elected annually or quadrennially as the annual conference directs ... have been professing members in good standing of The United Methodist Church for at least two years and shall have been active participants for at least four years next preceding their election ...” (Book of Discipline, ¶251, Section 2).

No later than May 15, the Conference Secretary shall contact all eligible individuals whose names were duly set forward and solicit from them relevant demographic and biographical information and a one-page statement of their vision and theology.

Please refer to the Yellowstone Conference Rules and Guiding Policies section E150 for more information on the Episcopacy Elections process.