Earl Kainz Obituary

Earl served (1986-1991) after he retired in 1983 from teaching in Livingston for 25 years. A strong calling to the ministry led him to Southern Methodist University for five summers, graduating in 1990. While doing his studies, he presided over a United Methodist church in Scobey, then transferred to Big Sandy, and retired to Grace Billings.

Earl was born under very difficult circumstances including medical issues that caused him to spend the first few years of his life in the hospital. After spending several years in foster care, at 8 years old he was placed with Joseph and Helen Kainz of Little Falls. Minnesota. When he was 18, he took their last name legally. His strong Christian upbringing and the drive to never give up led him to work at Montana Power in the accounting department, attend Northern in Havre getting his teaching certificate, teach in Kremlin and Livingston and become a pastor.


Earl and Dorothy, his wife and love of his life, adopted two children (Clara, Jerry Joe (D) while living in Livingston. He has three beloved grandchildren. He was a well-loved teacher and talented vocalist.