106 - Support the Trail of Repentance and Healing

106 Attachment #1

A Statement from the Council of Bishops as We Embark on a Journey Toward - Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

106 Attachment #2

General Conference 2012 Petition 20767  - 1864 Sand Creek Massacre (20767-IC-Non-Dis)

106 Attachment #3

General Conferece 2012 Petition 20510 - Trail of Repentance and Healing (20510-GM-9999)

2016 Budget Building Request Form

2016 Budget Final

2016 Conference Officiary

2016 General Policies

2016 HealthFlex Rates

2016 Minimum Salary Schedule

2016 Mission Shares

2016 Notes to Budget

2017 Petition form

2017 Petition Instructions

2018 Clergy Profile

2018 Mission Shares

2018 Petition Form

2018 Petition Instructions

Angola Pastor Support brochure

Angola Pastor Support bulletin insert 1

Angola Pastor Support Poster

Poster about Angola Pastor support to share with your group or congregation.

Angola Pastors Report

Appointment List 2014-2015

BOM Candidate Checklist

Checklists Western Mountains UMW

Church Assessment Tool

  This survey is intended to have local faith communities self-assess their mission-field effectiveness and to help the conference (district superintendents, congregational Development…) provide resources for the faith community’s next steps.  You are asked to share this information attending either the Mission: Inside and Out event and/ or Annual Conference.   

Church Website/Social Media Best Practices

Best practices for setting up websites and social media for churches and faith communities.

Circuit Elder and Membership To Discipleship Schedule

Circuit Elder Configuration

Clergy Advisory Form - Clergy

Clergy Advisory Form - SPR/PPR

Clergy Advisory Form Cover Letter - Clergy

Clergy Advisory Form Cover Letter - SPR/PPR

Clergy Effectiveness Form

Clergy Housing Standards 2017

Color - Conference Finance and Administration Report


Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits Report

Consent Calendar A

Consent Calendar C

Disaster Preparedness Poster for Church Offices

A poster to help with a who do you call in case of a disaster to activate the United Methodist support structure.

Dry Soup Mix recipe

UMW assembled dry soup mix during their Annuall meeting. All you have to add is 9 cups of boiling water and simmer for 45 minutes. Good for hungry mouths!

Dutton/Brady Safe Sanctuary Resources

Safe Sanctuary Policy and Forms used for Duttona and Brady UMCs.

East Angola Pastors Support Gift Card


Equalization Example

Equitable Salaries

FACT Final Report

FACT Sheet Notes

For Common Good Schedule

Aug 30-31, 2013, Camp on the Boulder

GCFA Church Number List

General Conference - Sand Creek Petition

General Conference Delegates Report

Get a Survival Kit

Guiding Values Team Report

Harvest Time

   “Harvest Time,” formatted for three areas: ·         Full piano-organ score; ·         Full music, sized for hymnals; and, ·         Lead sheet, with just the melody and chords.  

Hearing Group Locations

A listing of hearing groups and what petitions will be heard in each.

Helpful Information - Evaluating Your Property Needs

How to build a bed net

Identify and/or Contact Your Circuit

This sheet has contact information for circuit lay leaders and idenitifies which churches are in which circuits.    

Imagine No Malaria Info Packet

INM Information Packet Includes 1. Facts about Malaria 2.  Funraising Ideas 3.  Pledge sheet for local churches.

Insurance Information and Description

Introduction to the Open Appointment Process

Journey Towards Healing - Sand Creek Massacre Listening - Feedbacks and Futures

This is a list brainstormed by YAC2014 about what questions and next steps we have from our listening session with decendants of Sand Creek.

Lay Leader Report

Lay Servant Ministry Path Lay Speaker Rev 2,2015

Local UMW Treasurer Remittance Form

Local UMW Treasurer Remittance Form

Local UMW Treasurer Remittance Form in Excel

LSM Development Certificate Issuance.docx

LSM Development Class set up Rev 1 2015 mod

LSM Development Curriculum Development

Luccock Powerpoints for Church Advertising

Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Membership Census Form

Annual report of increase/loss of UMW members

Membership to Discipleship Schedule

Mission u Scholarship

Mission u Study Leaders

Mission u Study Leaders Bios

mission u winter scholarship

Missional Grants

This is the written form of the Congregational Development missional grants form.  Please fill it out online at 

Missions Coordinator Report

Montana Association of Churches

Mountain Sky Area: Questions About the Proposal to Merge the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone conferences

Natural Disaster Church Community Survey

Natural Disaster Church Community Survey Cover Letter

Nominating Comm Report

Pastor's Guide to Lay Servant Ministry

A Pastors General Guide to Lay Servant Ministry,  Developed by the Conference,  Lay Servant Ministry Committee

Pledge Cards

Pledge Form for local events

Pledge Service

2014 Pledge Service for UMW

Pledge Service

Recent Thoughts on Insurance Matters

Request for Reduced Property Valuation

Request for Tier Classification Change

Retreat Volunteer Application

Rocky Mountain College Statement of Church Relationships

Short Form Accountable Reimbursement Form

Snapshot of Minimum Insurance Requirements

Special Mission Recognition form

Specification for Reduced Property Valuation

St. Paul's Risk Management Volunteer Handbook

Statisticians Report

Sunday Morning Sending Forth Worship/Reading of Appointments - Order of Worship

Thursday Evening Opening Order of Worship

Treasurer's Remittance Form in Excel

Treasurers UMW Form

Trustee Report Coverages Table

Tulle mosquito nets

Want to "camp" under mosquito nets but you don't have one? No problem! Directions are here!

UMW 2015 Standing Rules

UMW Annual Meeting

UMW Assembly Scholarship Application

UMW Big Horn Fall Meeting Registration

UMW Report

UMW Western Mtn checklists

UMW Western Mtn Registration

District meeting registration form

UMW Yellowstone Fall Meeting Registration

Western Mountains District UMW Leadership Team Address List

As of December 19, 2013

What do I bring to Camp?

A short list of suggested items to bring along with you to one of the Yellowstone Conference Camps

Whole Church Initiative

WM fall registration

YAC Conference and District Committee on Lay Servant Ministry Pending Issue

YAC Journal 2005

YAC Journal 2006

YAC Journal 2007

YAC Journal 2008

YAC Journal 2009

YAC Journal 2010

YAC Journal 2011

YAC Journal 2012

YAC Journal 2013

YAC Journal 2014

YAC Journal 2015

YAC Journal 2016

YAC UMW Leadership Team Address List

As of April 3, 2014

YAC2014 Exploration 2013 Report

YAC2014 Yellowstone Conference Foundation Report

YAC2014 Youth Ministry Team Report

Yellowstone Conference Futures Task Force Preliminary Recommendation

Yellowstone Conference UM Foundation Report to Annual Conference 2013

Yellowstone Sand Creek Petition - Passed by General Conference 2012

YMT Volunteer Application

Young Women's Scholarship Application

Young women between the ages of 14 and 35 may apply for a limited number of scholarships to attend the UMW event at Fairmont Hot Springs March 8-10. Come join UMW R.O.C.K.!                            

Youth Ministry Team Report