December 2014 newsletter

December 2014

Dear Friends,

Receive Christian greetings from my family and I, also from your brethrens in East Angola Annual Conference.  Many thanks to you all for your generous financial support, prayers and volunteer work, this has been instrumental in carrying out the work of Jesus Christ in East Angola Annual Conference.  I am profoundly humbled and thankful for the opportunity to serve. I am excited to let you know that your generous gifts received through the Advance have continued to positively impact  the lives of our people in East Angola Annual Conference and beyond. Angolans are slowly recovering from the trauma and stigma suffered after decades of Civil war.

Presently, I have no transportation to help me in my ministry. I commute by public transport that is rarely available from Quessua where I live to Malanje where my office is located. I am not able to visit with the Districts, to see and get to know the reality of things on the ground, and tell a story. We have started receiving gifts to help with construction of churches, it has not been possible for me to visit and assess how the work is progressing.  Contributing to Advance # 00339A will help raise money for a truck.  As always when you support me through The Advance, 100% of your gifts directly support our Ministry, and overhead costs are covered through other channels.

Report on Advance Projects for East Angola:

Evangelization Ministry. #15061A. This program is involved in rehabilitation of post-war churches, restoring congregations and winning more souls to Christ. Evangelism seminars are taking place in all the Districts, an evangelism manual has been developed to facilitate training and seminars for Evangelists. A full time Conference Director of Evangelism has been appointed to coordinate the activities of the department.

Quessua Mission. #105625.  Provided infrastructure in health, agriculture, nutrition and equipping the surrounding communities. The entire infrastructures were destroyed during the war. A tractor has been donated to Quessua by the alumnae of Quessua school and their friends. This will help us grow food for the students in the boarding house, assist the communities with preparing their farms, help in cleaning the Mission center. The Government of Angola has built 6 additional class rooms to create room for more students. A health facility has also been built by the Government in the Mission center to bring health services closer to the communities around Quessua. The President of Angola has also committed himself and the Government to help in re-building the remaing infrastructure in Quessua and two more hospitals in Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte Districts of East Angola Annual Conference. Indeed, this has been a year of Jubilee for us all in East Angola!

Quessua Women’s Training Centre:  # 11639N East Angola Annual Conference embarked on a mission to equip women by giving them education in literacy and Christian teachings. The purpose was to prepare women to take up leadership responsibilities within the Church and the communities they come from. Your donations have also helped us buy a few catering equipments and a restaurant has been opened where students and teachers in Quessua are able to buy some snacks and drinks. This is geared towards making the unit an income generating entity for the women. Your gifts through the advance have helped us buy two sewing machines for the department and interestingly we have kids who are learning in Quessua attending tailoring courses at the center after school. Our vision is to make the department a center of excellence in acquisition of skills and women empowerment.

Supplement Salary for Pastors in East Angola. #3021453. East Angola Annual Conference is faced with a challenge of remunerating its pastors. The members too are faced with the same problem due harsh economic hardship in the Country. Most of the members are peasant farmers and can hardly meet their basic needs.  Thank you for your supplementary salary support received through the Advance. This has helped improve the living standards of our pastors and encouraged more to join ministry.

Theology School at Quessua Mission. #11640N The School has continued to offer scholarships in theological education in furtherance of pastoral work with a focus to developing rural communities Pastors, evangelists and church lay leaders who are instrumental in church planting; congregational growth and reaching out to those who have not been reached are being trained .The need for pastors in East Angola is great, as there are many areas not yet reached. Your gifts received through the advance have been of a huge assistance. Currently we have 27 students receiving theological education .

Quessua Mission Boarding School. #11638N. The civil war in Angola resulted into displacement of families, loss of lives and maiming of others. The conference opened a boarding house to cater for the orphaned children who lost their parents and guardians, as they attend school in Quessua.Your support has enabled us renovate an old building that was damaged during the war in order to decongest the students presently living in a small facility. Our expectations were to have the students occupy the facility before the end of this year. This looks not possible now because part of the roof to the building was damaged by a storm that struck Quessua Mission early last Month. However we thank God nobody was hurt. The forces of darkness knocked us down, but not out!

Grace, Peace, and Love,

Kenneth Koome Nkando. #15148Z

Rua Cmdt.Dangereux 46-CP.No.Malanje, Angola.