Days for Girls


The Boulder United Methodist Women were so touched and inspired by a October 2017 program on “A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial for 2017, Maternal and Child Health” that we decided to pursue involvement in the program “Days for Girls” and set a goal of completing ten kits.  Days for Girls provides sustainable sanitary supplies and education to girls during their periods enabling them to attend school instead of missing three to five days of classes each month.
The initial gathering to work on this project was Saturday, January 14, 2017 at our church fellowship hall and we invited the Boulder community to join us.  The turnout was great!  Fifteen women gathered and it was a day of organizing and learning, working and laughing, praying and crying together.  Not only did we get a good start on the project, but we were blessed with fellowship extending beyond our women’s group.
Our second work day was in March and once again we had a great turnout including women who had not participated in the initial gathering and some not involved in the Boulder United Methodist group.

We exceeded our goal and completed 51 Liners, 15 Bags, 27 Shields and donated two 12-packs of size 12 cotton briefs, 10 white wash cloths, 16 bars of soap, and one box of gallon-size Ziplock bags.

The Boulder UMW have been greatly blessed by this project on so many levels.  We feel that we have made a difference in the lives of girls - gaining health, dignity and education – things these girls need for success.  Days for Girls believes that providing these elements makes their communities and our world stronger.  Our group is looking forward to meet again during Fall 2017 to work on more kits.

We would strongly encourage other groups to consider supporting Days for Girls either through financial donations or by assembling kits or kit components.  You will be blessed by the experience!

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