Community Garden

Have a little extra space in the church lawn?  In the community?  Grow a garden!  Give the food away!  Here’s what some of our churches have done:

Suggested Contacts:

Whitefish UMC:  Whitefish Community Garden  WUMC community garden has organized as a 501c3.  Being incorporated has allowed them to apply for funding and receive donations that individuals and organizations would not have made to a religious organization.  Members, individuals and families grow their own food in rented 12' x 4' raised beds on a 1 acre plot.  Members agree to provide 6 hours of volunteer labor to the garden and donate 10% of their harvest to the food bank.  Contact information is available on the website link provided. 

Living Waters UMC (Belgrade):  A group meets after church one Sunday to plant it on their 12' x 10' plot, and then someone oversees the weeding.  The produce is donated to the food bank, which is located at the church on Saturday mornings.
Church:  (406) 388-1265

Lewistown UMC:  2 kinds of community gardens that they are involved with:

  1. In 2014, with a $500 grant from the UMC, a community garden was started.  All food grown is donated to the Council on Aging, community food cupboard and the Boys and Girls Club.
  2. The church helped start community garden plots where people in the community can rent them. 

Church contact: (406) 535-3722

Shiloh UMC (Billings):  Shiloh is in the midst of starting a community garden!  The intention of the Community Garden will go beyond possibly providing space to learn and cultivate their own food--much of it will be designated for places in the community that provide nutrition to the marginalized; those that normally don’t eat healthy.  Want to see how they got started? 
Church:  (406) 656-0050