Clergy News

Clergy will need robes and red stoles for the Ordination Service Saturday night!  

Conference Rule 1070- You are alloted time for Annual Conference-Take it! 

The Local Church is to pay for necessary costs of providing pulpit supply in the approved absence of the appointed pastor in the areas of conference business, education and vacation.  Make sure to stay for ordination and the special programs on Sunday June 10th.  Every clergy and lay member to annual conference is expected to attend annual conference in its entirety.  This is not part of your 4 weeks of vacation!  

Conference Rule 4120-Cost of Annual Conference

Retired Clergy, pastors who receive less than the minimum salary, clergy preparing to receive their first appointment, diaconal ministers not employed by the local church, duly appointed Parliamentarian, lay members-at-large, and the lay co-editor of the Yellowstone Conference Connection shall receive complimentary room, board,insurance and registration at the annual conference session.  Lay members-at-large and duly appointed parliamentarian shall also receive mileage reimbursement in accordance wish Conference Rule 4910.  

 The housing provided by the Annual Conference is at the double occupancy rate ($43.50 + tax).  Note: you will need to pay for your lodging and then submit a voucher for reimbursement.

Please note: “first time clergy” are those individuals receiving their first appointment at Annual Conference, not necessarily first time attendance to Annual Conference.

If you wish to pay your own way, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.