Children and Youth

We care about our families and want to include them in annual conference!  We also want spouses who attend to find ways to conenct with other clergy spouses.  

 This year there will be childcare for children birth through 5th grade and youth activities for those 6th through 12th grade.  You must register for child care on the registration form!  We have to know how many childen to plan for.  Childcare will be offered for the sexual ethics training on Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and evening, Friday morning, afternoon and evening and Saturday morning, afternoon and evening.  Please sign up for those times you will need childcare.  We hope to offer enrichement  activities for the older children for an hour at each session.  


Spouses who are interested in connecting with other clergy spouses should contact Daen Scott at for more information about possible activities for spouses.  


Youth should contact Janna Lauver at for more informaiton on how to connect with the youth activities.  Youth will both participate in conference and have activities outside annual conference.