Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has the authority to manage properties owned by the Annual Conference and its agencies. Property includes but is not limited to money that is donated, bequeathed or conveyed to annual conference as well as with Real Estate property. Managing the property as good stewards for the Conference is the major responsibility of the Board of Trustees. The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2008 describes the work of the Trustees in more detail.

Current Projects:

The Conference Trustees are pleased to announce the approval of the insurance petition presented during the June 2013 Annual Conference.  The supporting information sheets are listed below.  We feel this approach will offer peace of mind in the event of a loss while providing the flexibility your ministry needs based on the variety of your exposures/activities.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact either:

Tena Taylor @ 307.674.7872     (Chair, BOT)

Ron Clark @ 406.222.8281      (Secretary, BOT) 

Reference to the Trustee’s fiduciary responsibility to assess the adequacy and appropriateness
of insurance coverage, was addressed in the letter from Bishop Elaine(Click here to read letter).
Please click below to find the insurance information about minimum insurance recomendations for all Yellowstone Conference Churches.  
Information about minimum recomendations for YAC Churches and Organizations
Information about what tier churches fall under
Information about the reason these reccomendations were made.

Next Step for Church Insurance

What is the next step for churches with the passing of the petition requiring minimum insurance levels?  The below information letter was sent to all churches in the Yellowstone Conference mid July, 2013, explaining the process.  As stated in the letter, the goal is for all members to have adequate property and liability coverage based on the tier concept by July 1, 2014.  

We are asking that once your insurance policy is upgraded; please send the Declaration pages from your  new policy (usually 4-6 pages in the front of your policy) to the Conference Office.  Thank you so much  for your cooperation.
Informational Letter(Click Here)
1.  Request for Tier Classification Change
2.  Request for Reduced Property Valuation
3.  Specifications for Reduced Property Valuation
4.  Helpful Information - Evaluating your property needs.