Board of Stewards

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United Methodist Mission:

“To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”




Yellowstone Annual Conference mission/purpose:

“We send leaders to serve disciples who offer the gospel to the world.”




Strategic Priorities:

“We will Create/Develop and Support strong, healthy and growing churches in the Yellowstone United Methodist connection

that work together on the following five priorities:”


1.   Strong, healthy clergy leaders that give voice to the Wesleyan commitment to personal and social holiness.

2.   Strong, healthy lay leaders that teach, empower and lead others to live active, loving lives.

3.   Faith community experiments.

4.   Vital mission outreach to people who are in need and marginalized in our communities and world.

5.   The financial health and solvency of our Yellowstone Annual Conference.




Goals / Objectives / Measurable Outcomes

Each ministry team or committee will develop written goals/actions (with measurable outcomes) by fall 2013 that advance the five priorities listed above.  These will be sent to the Board of Stewards so our group can carry out our role of “giving direction, oversight, and monitoring” to YAC’s teams and committees.  The Board of Stewards will evaluate progress yearly.