Board of Ordained Ministry

The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2008 has seven pages describing the
work of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM). One of its primary responsibilities is
to interview and examine candidates for ordination and/or commissioning.

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Currently the Board of Ordained Ministry is:

- Reviewing our Pastoral Effectiveness initiative
- Seeking opportunities to make the YAC a larger presence on university and seminary campuses


The Board of Ordained Ministry also works to:

Hold a yearly mentoring retreat for local pastors and those in process toward ordination;
sponsor the bi-yearly Holy Conversations event, the quadrennial sexual ethics training event and occasional mentor training events.

Spring meeting dates are generally devoted to interviewing candidates for provisional membership and commissioning, and interview candidates for full membership and ordination. 


Revised Candidacy Guidelines Available:

The new version incorporates changes that have come through the online system, now known as UMCARES.  

This is not a simple checklist, but a guide through the spiritual discernment required.  A few supporting documents are included providing helpful information.  

We are also requesting that the candidates contribute $200 toward the $650 cost for the psychological assessment required of all.  The Board of Ordained Ministry covers the balance.  There is a form for enrolling in that testing with the Yellowstone Conference as well as through UMCARES.  We encourage the local congregations approving candidates to help with their costs as they move through the process and to support them with their prayers.

At this time, there are about twelve people in various stages of candidacy, from exploring to certified.  They will bring a great variety of gifts, experiences and depth of faith to their ministry.   The possibilities are enlivening and exciting.  Please keep them in your prayers.


Upcoming Meeting Dates:

April 24 and 25, 2016


Chair: Rev. Su Debree

Registrar: Steve Hermes