2016 Advisory Forms

Below are the appointment advisory forms for the appointive year beginning July 1, 2016.

2016 Advisory Letter SPR

2016 Advisory Letter Clergy

2016 Advisory Form SPR

2016 Advisory Form Clergy

After you complete your advisory report and sign it, you need to review it with the Chairperson of your S/PPRC and obtain his or her signature.  You may state the reasons for your request on an additional sheet of paper and attach it to the report. You must also review the completed S/PPRC advisory report and sign it for them.

Please mail your completed advisory report to your District Superintendent.

Appointment Advisory Forms are not necessary for pastors and their churches where pastors have served two years or less in the current appointment. However, superintendents, pastors or local church SPRC chairpersons may request that these forms be completed under special circumstances when clergy have served two years or less.

For questions, please contact Patty Griffith, Administrative Assistant, at the Conference Office by phone at 406-256-1385 or email patty.griffith@yacumc.org.