2013 Local Church Reports to Annual Conference

It’s time, once again, to file the Local Church Reports, Tables 1, 2 and 3 with the General Council on Finance and Administration. The information on these tables is used by GCFA in a variety of ways, it is also used by the conference to calculate your church’s Mission Shares.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce conference spending, all of the instructions and worksheets necessary to complete the filing of these tables will be available online at: ezra.gcfa.org We will not be mailing instructions and forms. 
If you are unable to access the internet you can request paper copies from the conference office.
Detailed instructions for each table are found at the links below.  All of this information can be found at: (Click find printer friendly instructions.)
Reports are due February 10, 2014.



Worksheets showing your church’s 2012 data are available on the GCFA Local Church Report website – http://ezra.gcfa.org


User Names and Passwords are reset each year.


The Username is 910 and the conference church number (listed on the attached sheet) (ie. 9103100) (Found by clicking here.)


The Password is statistics


The first time you log-in you will be asked for your name, contact information and will have a chance to change your password.



Table I: As always, the amount on line 1 is set at the value of Total Members at the Close of the Previous year and cannot be changed.


·        If this number is incorrect, make adjustments in lines 2c and 5c.)


Table II: The numbers reported in Table 2 are used to calculate your Mission Share amounts. 


·        Do not include Capital Expenditures as Local Church Operating Expenses.


The errors and/or warnings messages are a valuable tool when there is a dramatic change in a line from one year to the next. PLEASE do not ignore any errors and/or warnings that pop up. Be sure and review any lines that you are given an error or warning on.

When all the information is entered you must click on the “Save” button before closing that particular table. If you want to print hard copies for your records; from the Home page go to “Reports”, “Church Stats Report”.  

If you will not be completing or filing these reports yourself, please give this information to the person(s) you authorize to do so. When they have completed their work, please review ALL reports for reasonableness and accuracy. Remember that the Discipline states that it is the pastor’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of these reports.

The information you provide on Table 2 is used to compute your church’s Mission Shares. Be sure to compare the current figures with the amounts you reported last year. No changes to the Mission Share calculations can be made after March 31, 2014

The deadline for filing these reports is February 10, 2014.

Thank you for your time and help in completing these reports. If you have any questions, please contact Trish Glaser, trish.glaser@yacumc.org or Anita Saas, anita@yacumc.org. 406-256-1385 / 800-808-0408



Anita Saas, Treasurer/Benefits Officer

David Burt, Assistant to the Bishop



The Username is 910 and the conference church number (listed on the attached sheet)

(ie. 9103100)


The Password is statistics