Congregational Development

The following are tools available from Congregational Development to the churches in Yellowstone Conference.  Many of these tools are funding through Mission Shares and Per Member Asking.  Please take advantage of them to help your congregation move forward.


The Whole Church Initiative (WCI) is designed to redirect congregations
toward a vital and sustainable future. This is a partnership between the local church and the Yellowstone Conference, facilitated by the Congregational
Development Team. This process is designed to help the local church claim their mission to make disciples and develop a relevant vision for how that mission is lived out within their community.  

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As anyone who has gotten lost knows, you can’t get where you want to go without knowing where you are. Whether you want to start a new worship service, a new ministry site or even to revitalize an existing faith community, you have to know where your starting point is in order to create the plan to get you where you want to go. The Readiness 360 report helps congregations gain shared, unprecedented insight as to where they are so that any new vision, goal or ministry becomes more achievable. With its ability to gain input from everyone in the congregation and then to synthesize it into a practical report, the Readiness 360 is a valuable tool for gaining broad agreement on where to start and providing ideas for next steps.  
Learn more at or email Jeremy Scott to get started.

Designed to help disciples understand where they are on a continuum toward maturity in six dimensions of the discipleship journey. Each participant receives an immediate summary document indicating placement and a 15 page report describing each of the dimensions, what the placement means, possible next steps, and suggested resources for growth.

This survey is available for free to congregations through a wider conference licenses. Each participant receives the same support but the church also receives a graph indicating percentages of participants in each level of development for each dimension. This is a great resource for the planning and development of a discipling process.  

To setup your church account follow these instructions or email Jeremy Scott and then visit


Reaching your community requires knowing your community.  MissionInsite provides cost-effective “location intelligence” resources to assist your church in developing dynamic ministries.

Demographic resources from MissionInsite, powered by our exclusive PeopleView™ System, comprise part of the mix of tools available to assist in ministry development.  

To get started with Mission Insite, visit and use Agency Account Number: 4N5RP.


Goals of the Congregational Development Team:

  1. To foster the creation of new worshiping faith communities throughout the conference.
  2. To aid churches in revitalization through reconnection with their local community.
Our work is founded on some basic key principles.
  1. Jesus is able to transform ordinary, broken lives, into something amazing.
  2. As the church, our primary goal is to introduce people to God’s transforming grace then help them grow as disciples.
  3. The church must go out into its community and meet people where they live, work, and play.
  4. True revitalization will come from being Christ’s hands and feet within the community. We call this Missional Revitalization and it is our primary focus.
  5. New worshiping communities will not likely look or act like our existing congregations, but must strive first to be relevant to their communities and cultures.
As our work progresses we aim to make available resources and funding to churches who are willing to take the imitative to invest themselves in their communities. We also look to sponsor those wishing to create new United Methodist communities in their local area.